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An ISA wrapped Bond

8.0% 3 years

Gold and Precious Metals Stream & Royalties Bond

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The Raptor Bond

Your Capital is at Risk, investment is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the investment may be difficult to transfer and your investment can go down as well as up. You must read our risk page in full before proceeding – click here.

Why Just ISA?

8% pa interest offered

3-Year & 5-Year Term Options

2k Minimum Investment

90% Success Rate for litigation funding*

Help fund the legal costs of people who can’t afford to commence or take to trial legal cases against individuals and corporations.

*Based on track record of ATE Brokers/Underwriters, without whose approval no funds can be lent. Please note that despite any previous success past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

The Just ISA & Litigation Funding

Just is an Innovative Finance ISA eligible bond that ultimately uses the investment raised from the bond for litigation funding. Specifically, Just seeks to fund commercial litigation cases focusing on cases against corporations and individuals, one of the areas being professional negligence.

There are many litigants with large cases which they cannot afford to commence, let alone ultimately take to trial. The cost of instigating proceedings and obtaining specialist expert, witness evidence is more than litigants can afford to pay out of their existing resources or income. These are usually already depleted when the Claimant’s business or personal financial situation has suffered as a result of the very issue for which they now wish to sue, and which they cannot now afford to fund.

There are consequently, a significant, and growing, number of businesses in the UK, the US, Australia and Germany who are all offering litigation financing, some of which are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The cases chosen by the litigation funder will:

  • Be carefully selected.
  • Not be funded without the strong probability that it will be settled within 24 months.
  • Have undergone due diligence.
  • Have passed the Quantum of Damages Test.
  • Only fund cases being heard in the UK.
  • Have passed the Quality of Defendant Test.
  • Only fund cases where ATE Insurance can be obtained.

How it works

N.B Involved in the whole process are our professional advisors: Praxis IMF & Knights and our business associates, More Group Security Trustees.

Risk Mitigation

The primary risk to the litigation funder is insured, with premiums paid out of the amount which is lent to the litigant as a condition of offering funding. Our experience of the business model dictates that there are two areas when an investor can experience problems without proper protection namely. Specifically, the Non-assignment of the ATE policy to the litigation funder to secure their position and Misappropriation or misuse of investor’s cash.

In order to give investors some peace of mind in both these respects, our parent company, Creative Funding Solutions (CFS) has contracted Knights 1759, a leading 100+ partner law firm to do the following:

  • Receive the funding providing under the funding agreement to release in agreed stages.
  • Ensuring the assignment of the ATE policy and all other formalities are completed before any monies are released.
  • Make premium payments to acting ATE brokers, and make agreed disbursements to the lawyers acting in the case at specific stages in the litigation.
  • Receive the contractually agreed share of damages or ATE proceeds on completion of the case into their “Client Account” and to distribute this in accordance with the terms of the funding agreement.
  • In addition to the above, before Knights commence their process, they ensure that any ATE provider that is contracted has had extensive due diligence carried out by the broker.
Please note that while steps are in place to mitigate risk of non-payment in respect of litigation this does not guarantee a return.


After The Event (ATE) Insurance is a single risk policy providing a pre-arranged amount of cover for:

  • Adverse Costs (the amount the litigant might have to pay if he loses and the court orders him to pay the winner’s costs).
  • Own disbursements (such as court fees and expert costs) together with the premium paid.

In some cases a limited amount towards “own costs” including Counsel’s fees. The availability of and rates for ATE insurance are case-specific. The risk, (the need to sue), has already arisen. The underwriter sets the rate by investigating the claim and assessing the prospects for and against the case winning. The underwriter’s art is a mixture of legal experience, skill and the application of agreed risk parameters (the risk matrix), through which he can predict the likelihood of cases winning with a good degree of certainty at the preliminary stage.

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