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Why Does Just Aim To Ultimately Fund Litigation?


The Just Bond, and Just ISA are solely focused on investment in the area of Litigation Funding with the aim of putting the “Us” in “Justice”. Litigation Funding is a growing area of interest for investors, and the Just Bond is a brand new offering into the arena of litigation funding investment. So, why does Just aim to find litigation cases?

There are many litigants with large cases which they cannot afford to commence, let alone ultimately take to trial. The cost of instigating proceedings and obtaining specialist expert, witness evidence is more than some litigants can afford to pay out of their existing resources or income. These are usually already depleted when the claimant’s business or personal financial situation has suffered as a result of the very issue for which they now wish to sue, and which they cannot now afford to fund.

The litigation funder may choose to support the case because they believe in the cause of the case, wish to see the claimant succeed, or wish to benefit financially. Litigation funding is a growing industry, and can be seen as increasing access to justice through financing cases that would otherwise not commence or be able to continue.

Because the return that the litigation funder will receive is connected to the success of the case, many look to fund cases that have a high prospect of success. The amount that the litigation funder is set to receive is negotiated with the claimant at the beginning of the case. This may include a percentage of the damages that would be recovered in the event of a favourable judgement, or an agreed upon fixed amount.

Litigation funding is a practical tool to enable claimants to pursue cases they would otherwise be unable to afford, and an opportunity for litigation funders to support cases they believe have a high chance of success. Your investment ultimately goes to help claimants struggling to afford their litigation.


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