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With the new financial year fast approaching, Just has assembled a few things you could do to prepare for your financial future.

Tip 1
– Consider Your Financial Habits

Plan your monthly or yearly expenditure in advance, and allow yourself room to spend money on yourself. By making budgetary preparations in advance, you may unlock the potential for saving more of your income for future purchases. Allocating an investment allowance, or even just a fixed saving amount every month could be the start of a positive financial future.

Tip 2
– Retirement Preparation & Planning

Your retirement dream may be lavish; it may be simply not to worry about money, or you may not have even thought about it. By having a retirement goal, you could see how much you need to save – and what methods you may want to consider to reach those goals. Early preparation and planning could potentially make your retirement plan much more achievable.

Tip 3
– Find The Tools For The Job

Keeping track of your savings, investments, and performance against your goals could be an important part of good financial management practice. As the number of apps and tools that aim to help you track your savings increases, the new financial year may be an excellent time to consider taking up one of these tools. Examples include: Personal Capital Finance, SigFig Wealth Management and

Tip 4
– Have You Maximised Your ISA Allowance?

The government allows up to £20,000 to be invested in ISAs during the 2018/2019 financial year, tax free*, and across a number of different ISAs including Stocks & Shares, Cash, and Innovative Finance ISAs. By under-utilizing this savings and investment resource, you could be missing out on maximising your saving or investment potential.

Tip 5
– Advice Is Available

The new financial year could also be your motivation for seeing a financial planner, or seeking other independent financial advice. They could ask the right questions to get a holistic view of your finances, help you with all the tips above – as well as offering you tailored advice to help you set your financial goals and develop strategies to help you reach them. Independent advice should also be considered before investing in any product.


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