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Long Term Investments | The Just Blog

Posted 21st December 18

Potential investors may take time to consider whether they should focus their investment activity on short- or long-term prospects – the potential for a higher eventual return by focusing on a long time period, or for a quick return to boost immediate financial success. This could be a difficult decision to make, and may be based on both information from the prospective investee as well as the financial situation of the investor.

Long-term investments

Long term investments can cover a period of several years, even over a decade for some products. Investors  make a decision based on a number of potential factors, including the long-term viability of the product being invested in, and the company offering the investment, as well as the idea that a longer timeline of interest payments could be worth the tying up of funds for such a long time period.

This can potentially be a somewhat risky strategy, particularly with the fast-paced nature of modern businesses and global financial changes – however, by carefully placing an investment, the eventual payout could potentially be worth the risk. Early investors in the shares of brands that have achieved global dominance in the last decade such as Apple or Google, who made a long-term commitment to their investment, have been rewarded for their confidence despite initial slow progress.

Any investment requires a good amount of research, and confidence that the product is capable of potentially delivering the expected return in the time period as well as consideration of all the relevant risk factors involved. As it is often difficult to return your initial investment, potential investors may want to consider how much they want (or are able) to invest – could those funds be better used elsewhere, and could the expected return have enough of an impact on your finances in the future for it to be worthwhile when the risks are considered?

Long term investments can potentially be an excellent investment choice with all the information and risks at investors disposal – and should be treated as a truly long-term investment – a complex decision with a lot of responsibility.


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