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Ethical considerations are a growing area of importance for modern investors, as opportunities become harder to distinguish between, and where your money goes can be difficult to establish. Giving investors direct access to ethical investment can therefore be a big benefit to both investor and investee.

Aiming for ethical investment can have benefits for your portfolio and continued investment activity – to be truly ethical, options must be comparatively transparent. Without visibility, it can be difficult to establish where funds are placed and how your money is used – something charities often find to be an issue, and there have been several famous cases of charity funds being placed in areas at odds with the stated aim of the charity .

Despite being helpful to reduce risk, diversification of funds can also make investments less visible and make it harder to keep track of the areas your funds are being placed into. Overly diverse funds can be complex to track properly, leading to inefficiencies in your investment portfolio.

By concentrating on specific IFISA and bond products, users can manage their portfolio more effectively – condensing their investment activity to products with specific areas of interest and companies that use those funds in specific ways. Products like the Just Bond allow investors to concentrate on the funds into legal funding, something that may be considered a particularly ethical area of investment as it allows access to justice for those who may not otherwise be able to afford to fund their case.

Of course, not all bond products could be considered to be ethical – every investment opportunity requires a certain amount of research from the potential investor to ensure that the opportunity and the company offering it both meet their expectations and requirements.

Ethical investment can be a challenge in the modern financial environment – some of the more traditional investment choices like oil or gold carry heavy ethical implications for any investor, and require more consideration. For any investor willing to make the leap to an entirely ethical portfolio, there are a large number of options to consider!

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