What Are The Differences Between Mini-Bonds & IFISAs? | The Just Blog

Mini-Bonds and IFISAs: What’s The Difference?   The investment process with Just involves both a Bond and an IFISA as part of the offering, as do a number of other similar companies. So what are bonds and IFISAs, and how does Just use them to offer the opportunity to ultimately invest in litigation funding? The […]

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Is It Possible To Make Ethical Investments? | The Just Blog

Ethical Investment Choices & The Just Bond   Ethical considerations are a growing area of importance for modern investors, as opportunities become harder to distinguish between, and where your money goes can be difficult to establish. Giving investors direct access to ethical investment can therefore be a big benefit to both investor and investee. Aiming […]

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Why Does Just Focus On Litigation Funding? | The Just Blog

Why Does Just Aim To Ultimately Fund Litigation?   The Just Bond, and Just ISA are solely focused on investment in the area of Litigation Funding with the aim of putting the “Us” in “Justice”. Litigation Funding is a growing area of interest for investors, and the Just Bond is a brand new offering into […]

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Five Key Investor Questions | The Just Blog

Five Key Frequently Asked Questions   Investing in any financial product like bonds, shares or stocks is a big decision for potential investors to make – and making sure that your questions are answered by the company providing the offering is just as important as choosing a product to invest in. Here at Just, we […]

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What Are Some Risks Of Litigation Funding? | The Just Blog

The Risks Of Litigation Funding By focusing on Litigation Funding, Just ISA has ensured that a number of insurances are in place and works with their Litigation Advisory Council to help reduce risks – so what should you be aware of before you invest in Just? What risks are involved in the field of Litigation […]

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Meet The Team Behind Just | The Just Blog

Meet The Team Behind Just   The Just ISA Leadership Team The board of directors of the litigation funder come from a range of different backgrounds in both the world of finance and other industries. By gathering a diverse team to lead Just, we can take advantage of their huge weight of experience, industry knowledge […]

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Meet The People We Work With: Northern Provident Investments | The Just Blog

Who Are NPI? Northern Provident Investments Limited are the company behind the Just ISA – providing technology and back office functions to the Just Bond investment offering through the Just ISA. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Northern Provident Investments provides a range of services for Just.   Northern Provident Investments provides technology […]

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Meet The People We Work With: Knights | The Just Blog

Who Are Knights?   Originally founded in Staffordshire in 1759, Knights PLC is a pioneering professional services business delivering outstanding results for clients. Their streamlined corporate structure, totally different from law firm partnerships, enables Knights to attract funding to support sustainable growth. Knights’ Dispute Resolution team is made up of 16 Partners who are supported […]

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Meet People We Work With: PraxisIFM | The Just Blog

Who Are Praxis? PraxisIFM – Trust and Corporate Administrators   IFM was originally established in Jersey in 1972 and merged with Praxis in 2015 to create one of the Channel Islands’ largest, independent financial services groups. PraxisIFM is now an owner-managed, group of companies providing a wide range of bespoke professional services to private individuals, […]

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What Are The Risks Of Investing With Just?

Bonds can carry more risk than other investment options, with the expectation of higher rates of return and more flexible investment options. By focusing on Litigation Funding, Just has ensured that a number of insurances are in place and works with the Litigation Advisory Council to help reduce risks – so what should you be […]

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