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Who Are Praxis? PraxisIFM – Trust and Corporate Administrators   IFM was originally established in Jersey in 1972 and merged with Praxis in 2015 to create one of the Channel Islands’ largest, independent financial services groups. PraxisIFM is now an owner-managed, group of companies providing a wide range of bespoke professional services to private individuals, […]

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What Are The Risks Of Investing With Just?

Bonds can carry more risk than other investment options, with the expectation of higher rates of return and more flexible investment options. By focusing on Litigation Funding, Just has ensured that a number of insurances are in place and works with the Litigation Advisory Council to help reduce risks – so what should you be […]

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Can IFISAs Like Those Offered by Just Help Me Save?

Much like traditional cash, and stocks and shares ISAs, Innovative Finance ISAs can be an effective method of saving money over the long term. Whilst IFISAs can carry more risk than other ISA options, they also give investors the opportunity to earn more in interest per annum than the traditional ISAs available. Investment in the […]

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Litigation Funding Explained – What Is A Litigation Bond?

A litigation bond’s purpose is to ultimately fund litigation cases. The Just Bond does this and can also be held through an innovative finance ISA. These types of ISA became available in the UK in 2016. The Just ISA, in which investments in the bond can be made, is a form of crowdfunding where your […]

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Protecting Your Just ISA Investment

The Just ISA is designed to help fund the legal costs of people who can’t afford to commence or take to trial legal cases against individuals and corporations. By investing with Just, you are also investing through a crowdfunding innovative finance ISA – and ultimately helping others to achieve justice. In choosing these cases for […]

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What is an IFISA?

An innovative finance ISA (or IFISA) is the third type of ISA available to UK investors, and is specifically intended for you to use your tax free ISA allowance to invest by way of loans through peer to peer lending – where your money is lent to a variety of borrowers or through investment in […]

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What Is The Just ISA?

The Just ISA is a litigation funding ISA that offers 8% interest per annum via an innovative finance isa. By investing through this ISA, you’ll ultimately help fund the legal costs of people who can’t afford to commence or take to trial legal cases against individuals and corporations. But how does Litigation Funding actually work? […]

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The Just ISA: An Innovative Finance ISA

The Just ISA is an innovative finance ISA with investment in a bond that offers 8% interest per annum. Aside from being an innovative finance ISA, the Just ISA is truly innovative in being a litigation finance ISA. This means your investment is ultimately used to support litigants and their legal cases that may otherwise […]

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Earn Up To 8% Interest PA With The Just Bond

What’s the Just ISA? The Just Bond is a litigation funding investment held through an IFISA, offering 8% interest per annum. With a minimum investment of £2,000 and a bond length of 5 years, the Just Bond allows you to join a community of investors who ultimately want to invest in justice. As a litigation […]

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5 Key Facts About Litigation Bonds

The Just Bond is a litigation funding Bond offering 8% interest per annum through the Just ISA. For those not familiar with litigation funding or litigation funding Bonds, we’ve made a list of 5 key facts about litigation funding Bonds that you need to know. 1 – Litigation funding is the financing of legal cases […]

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